Winter walk from Arolla to Les Haudères

After several more days of sub-zero temperatures in the Val d’Hérens (both during the day and overnight) the forecast for today was for up to 4 degrees C (39 F).  😅  So, to take advantage of this balmy weather, I decided to take the bus up to Arolla and walk back to Les Haudères.

Again I decided not to take the snow shoes, which was a big mistake, (some people never learn 🤭), as the snow was thigh deep in places and, even where people had gone before, it was much more difficult to wade through than I expected.   However, after one or two detours via the road (and a quick refreshment at La Gouille), the path thereafter became much easier and I soon made it to Les Haudères.

Note that the first 3 photos below were taken from the bus on the way up to Arolla.


18 thoughts on “Winter walk from Arolla to Les Haudères

  1. Great pictures of a wonderful landscape. The shot of the ice climbers are fantastic even it’s from a bus. They look very small against that ice wall.
    Hope you against all odds remember your snow shoes next time 😁😊😊

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    • I did take some other pictures of the climbers when I walked back, but they didn’t look as good as that one from the bus. And you read my mind, as I’m torn between going cross country skiing or taking my snowshoes out tomorrow… You’ll have to wait and see which I decide to do. 🙂

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