Art’s Gallery, Triacastela, Galicia, Spain

The main reason we travelled over to Spain was to see Arthur and his exhibition at his gallery along the Camino de Santiago.  Arthur had walked the Camino several years ago and fell in love with what was then a dilapidated building right on the path about 130km (112 miles) from Santiago de Compostela.  He decided to buy it and set about renovating it and now, 10 years on, it’s both his home and an art gallery.  The garden is still work in progress but the flowers he has planted, which includes 20 to 30 lavender plants, are already attracting numerous butterflies.

Any pilgrims passing by (who will need to turn right to San Xil at the split in the route in Triacastela) are welcome to enter and marvel at the work he’s done as well as his obvious artistic talent.  They may even be lucky enough to get their Camino ‘credentials’, or log book, ‘stamped’ with an Arthur Manton-Lowe original.

I guess this is a timely moment to add that I’m currently putting together a website for Arthur (using WordPress of course) to showcase his paintings, called  It’s also work in progress and we will be adding some more pictures soon, so please feel free to follow that site and if anyone out there is interested in purchasing or knowing anything more about the paintings that you see, please do get in touch.  🙂


15 thoughts on “Art’s Gallery, Triacastela, Galicia, Spain

  1. Such a lovely post! Very interesting also to see your website as we use the same template (first time I come across a similar one since the start of our travelblogging three years ago!) Even with the same template (if your are curious check: ) it looks quite different. Will follow your adventures from now on and hope that Arthur’s website will be successful! Marcella


    • Thanks Marcella. You have obviously chosen you template well! ☺ I have only seen one other like it in my 3 years of posting (now 2 of course). I think it shows off the colour in photographs really well. You appear to have been to a lot of places so I may well follow you site too. Enjoy your travels.

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      • Thanks for the follow! We have been to many places indeed and traveling and writing full-time there will be many destinations to come 🙂 I agree for the template, it definitely makes the colours pop! Such a coincidence that we both started posting 3 years ago as well. Happy writing and traveling!


  2. Fantastic post, Mike. What a beautiful spot Arthur has chosen? A friend of mine, also called Maxine, by coincidence, has walked the Camino trail several times now and loves the countryside en route. It’s a fantastic and historic trail isn’t it? 👍

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  4. Love this Gallery! I walked the Camino in September and stopped in Arthur’s place! Beautiful! I got my “Stamp” painting and fell in love with it! I now have that painting and my passport framed and on my wall at home. Thanks for writing this so I can find Arthur’s paintings and more about him! I encourage all Pilgrims to stop in his gallery just outside Triacastela. Remember when in Triacastela there are two routes to Sarria….one to Somos ( and then to Sarria) or just to Sarria…take the one to Sarria and you will go right past Arthur’s Gallery.

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    • Hi Mark. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Hopefully you have now worked out the link between Arthur and I (and now received my email with Arthur’s address). Funnily enough we stayed in Samos while visiting, but clearly turning right in Triacastela is the better option. 🙂 Oh yes, and well done for completing the walk!


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  7. OH MY GOODNESS! sheesh one day i will stop gushing at your posts! HOW FABUJOUS!!! I am totally enthhhhhraaaaled!!!! I feel like I could chuck in the towel and just up sticks and GO do this for real now!!!!! xxx thank you for sharing!!!!

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    • You’re welcome. It’s a beautiful spot and well worth popping in if and when you pass by. Assuming Arthur id there, tell him you ‘know’ me and I’m sure he will draw you a picture on your Camino passport. Everyone carries a special booklet to get stamped at various locations en route, but Arthur draws something unique. That said I think he has got a stamp himself now, but if you ask him nicely… 😊

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