Mount Loch, Alpine National Park, Victoria

After quite a strenuous walk the day before, I decided to drive further up the Great Alpine Road to Mount Hotham to do a relatively easy walk to the top of Mount Loch @1,865m or 6,119ft.  The route followed quite a wide and easy track for maybe 3k or 2 miles before turning off to the summit.

As well as an excellent base for walking, Mount Hotham is also, perhaps better, known as a ski resort.  Though I found it strange that the village was situated towards the top of the mountains and the ski pistes ran down into the valleys.  Well, I was ‘Down Under’! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mount Loch, Alpine National Park, Victoria

  1. Village at the top? Maybe it’s about instant gratification, you get to ski first then you have to find your way back home! Not very Anglo Saxon😊


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