La Forclaz Walk revisited

The Preece family are back – and, again, they are all of a glow!  Long time followers may remember that last year, my camera had a slight aberration where Jo and Oliver had a sort of glow or ‘halo’ effect on one of my pictures.  Well, it had never happened before and it hasn’t happened since, but today it happened again, (see pics 11 and 13).  I’m not sure what caused it, but I am beginning to wonder whether they are radioactive! 🙂

After following the path up to La Forclaz from Les Haudères, David, Rosie and Oliver took the direct route back, while Alex and I took the path back home via La Sage.

4 thoughts on “La Forclaz Walk revisited

  1. Hmmm … that glow is very interesting!

    Also, I’m so sorry I have been basically MIA from the blogosphere. Things have been shifting and changing so I got knocked off balance. Things are finally settling down so I should be able to keep up better now. 😀


    • There’s no need to apologise. We each have our own lives to lead and sometimes blogging is not THE most important thing we have to do. If memory serves me correctly (forgive me if I’m wrong) you were working on a new project, so I hope that is still ongoing. But it’ll be nice to see more of your posts. I enjoy your Wordless Wednesdays, as they are always so colourful. 🌸 🙂

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