Family scramble to the Ferpècle Glacier

After 2 days of rain, the troops (aka the Preece family) were itching to take on a walking challenge – and a challenge it certainly proved to be.  The usual way up to view the Ferpècle glacier requires a short climb but, due to yesterday’s rain and the early morning frost, this route was a little icy.  Luckily the fallen boulders nearby gave us an alternative option, though it still required a lot of care and a bit of a scramble.  From there it was a fairly straightforward, but steep, hike up some rock slabs to the best viewing point.

On the way up my camera had a slight aberration, as Oliver and his mum appear to be ‘glowing’ (see pic 5).   The boys then posed, to play ‘Top Trumps in extreme places’, for a photographic competition.  Let’s hope they win. 🙂

Regular readers will note that the hole in the glacier seems to have collapsed at the front.  In fact, most of it has melted away since my last update post in July.


6 thoughts on “Family scramble to the Ferpècle Glacier

  1. Really impressive hike and photos, Mike. The challenge looks to be difficult, but rewarding. And how fun to see the auras of Oliver and his mum 😉 Thank you for taking us along today, I could almost smell the fresh mountain air.

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    • Thanks Jet. It was a challenge for me too, to make sure they all got there and back safely! I would have had some pictures of the scramble, but I was hanging on to the exuberant Oliver! I’m not sure what happened with the camera, it seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. I also like to think that people can do the walk / hike by following the photographs – but without the effort of course!

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    • Yes, the blue is emphasised I think by the white of the snow – not to mention the autumn yellows and oranges. We had a bit of a ‘lazy’ day yesterday, but we plan to visit Lac Bleu this afternoon. Even on dull days it’s still blue, so it should be very blue today. 🙂

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