Cabane de la Tsa (Walk 21)

Quite a number of my walks go via mountain huts, or cabanes as they are called, possibly because they serve refreshments 🙂 , but mainly because they are built in some fantastic positions, with wonderful views.  Today was no exception, as I drove for 20 minutes up to Arolla and then walked from there up to the Cabane de la Tsa (@2,607m / 8,550ft).

On the way, I captured a number of ‘different’ flowers, but I was particularly pleased to discover that my Alpine Flora book described the Tansy-leaved Rocket (see Pic 12) as being “rather rare” and occurring only in the SW region of the Valais in Switzerland.   It also said that it only flowers in July, so I think this was quite a fortunate find.  🙂

In case you are wondering, the significance of the 1291 on the beer can, is that it was the year the Swiss Confederation was formed.

13 thoughts on “Cabane de la Tsa (Walk 21)

  1. That looks like quite a loop you made. Do you know how far around it is? That little thrush is well hidden, isn’t he. Lovely pictures! You always get great shots of the butterflies too!


    • Yes, my Swiss mobile Plus app tells me it was 7.69 km (4.75 m) with 781 m (2,562ft) of ascent and a hiking time of 3h 40mins. (I didn’t take my GPS, so I cannot verify that it’s what I did, but it seems about right). I heard some ‘shcreek’ing in the woods and looked to see what was making the noise, as it sounded unusual, and that’s what it must have been. We get a few of them in the fields about this time of year. As for the butterflies, there are so many… and it gives me a chance to have a rest while I capture them on camera! 🙂


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