21 Today…

Yes, it is my birthday today. (I thought I’d mention that as a not so gentle reminder to all my friends and family who have FORGOTTEN!  But many thanks to all of you who did).   It is however my third 21st birthday – but I think being 21 again sounds much better than the real number.  🙂

So, to stretch my legs, (which have almost recovered after my efforts on Sunday), I went for a stroll by the riverside.  I shall of course be celebrating later (any moment now in fact) with a large bottle of La Rousse beer made by the Mont Blanc Brasserie in Chamonix. (See last pic).  Cheers everyone – have a nice Easter.  🙂

15 thoughts on “21 Today…

  1. Awesome, happy birthday Mikey! In honor of your birthday I might just have to have a beer tomorrow – or maybe an extra one as it will be Friday 🙂 Have a happy birthday weekend, Cheers!!


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