More Garden Birds

After spending hours sifting through mostly empty photographs, which were taken every 10 seconds on the timer, I decided to invest in a remote control.  🙂   The only drawback of the remote control is that you have to be within about 5 metres of the camera for it to work, which keeps a few birds, like the Jay, away from the garden.  It does however allow you to take a photo when the bird is in shot.

The following pictures were either taken by this method, with my SLR camera on a tripod, or with my trusty hand-held point and shoot.  I’ll let you work out which is which !

Birds on the feeder

I’ve been inspired by a program on UK TV the other night to try out some time lapse photography. (More of that to come in a future blog maybe…)  This led me to discover the Interval Timing function on my (Nikon D5300) SLR camera.  I’ve therefore had some fun over the past few days taking pictures of the many birds that come to the bird feeder in our garden.  Well, I say I took some photographs, effectively it was the camera that took them and I just put it on a tripod and set the timer.

Note that the pictures below have all been cropped from the original images.  My particular favourite is the Nuthatch, which is a rare visitor to Evolène at this time of year.  It’s noted for its ability to descend trees head first.

Another step forward…


I’m still working on improving the look and feel of this site.  Hopefully, I’ve now added my profile, including a picture of me and a gallery, as well as some links to some favourite websites.  This of course will be my second post, but this time with an image of one of the many views from our chalet this morning.

We also think we spotted 2 eagles circling overhead, which is unusual given the weather conditions today.

The forecast is for some sunshine tomorrow so expect one or two more pictures…