Mike’s Music Monday #35

The song “Big Fun” has been recorded by a number of groups, including Kool and the Gang and Inner City, but my favourite by far is this one by The Gap Band.  It reached no. 4 in the UK charts in January 1987.  Like many of my choices, it’s a bit quirky, but most of all soulful and funky.  Also, the words “No more work, just a lot of play… having big fun, under the sun” very neatly describe my retirement!

Hope you all have big fun this week! 😀

Mike’s Music Monday #25 & #26

Ok – so, who missed my music Monday last week?  Answer: Mike

Well, I’ve been away you see, in a distant, northern land (or 2) and I may well share some photos with you when I get them sorted…  In the meantime, let’s get back up to date with perhaps THE most famous disco record (not to mention film) ever, followed by a softer, more melodic, number from the Rolling Stones – with Mick Jagger at his best!


Mke’s Music Monday #24

1966 was a memorable year for many things, most notably for me, apart from my 12th birthday, was a certain World Cup final. ⚽  It was also the year that this song was released by the Elgins.  Wind forward 6 (or was it 5? 😉) years and whenever my older brother and I would go down to the local Bailey’s night club in Hull, this song was almost always playing as we walked in.   Whenever I hear it, I’m transported back to that circular dance floor and the coloured flashing lights!

It was only by chance that I found this video which begins with the white rose emblem of my beloved home county. 😁