Cute or menace?

We awoke on Wednesday morning to find these little chaps and/or chapesses exploring our vegetable garden. We think it was their first outing of the year (from a burrow under one of the plots), so one of the parents was keeping a close eye on them (and me, videoing from behind the wall above).

Jude and I had mixed emotions. Yes, it’s nice to see the little darlings and nature blossoming, but it’s a constant battle keeping them away from the new shoots… (You will no doubt spot some of the defences in the video).

Just like Mr McGregor’s garden…

13 thoughts on “Cute or menace?

    • Yes, we also have a squirrel coming to our feeders. I squirt water at it from a washing up bottle from the kitchen window. But it always dodges into the tree just out of firing range! So I have to go outside and chase it off. But it always returns later… 😫

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      • I thought I really had the solution by attaching a slinky to the top of my feeder pole and letting it dangle down. My squirrels took only a few days to master climbing it while bouncing up and down, was actually funny to watch. (I’ve since taken the slinky down in case one might get tangled.) Sounds like we both need one of those Nerf super-soaker water guns to get the distance! 🤣

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