Alnmouth to Warkworth Walk, Northumberland, England

For my last walk while we were on holiday, I left Jude pottering around Alnwick and drove down to Alnmouth railway station, (where, most unusually, there’s free parking 👍) to do an out and back walk along a section of the England Coast Path. As you will see the weather wasn’t great, though it didn’t rain and there was a small incentive to get to Warkworth (other than the golf course – pic 16 in case you hadn’t guessed). 😋

I was equally puzzled and amused by the signpost in picture 11, indicating north and south, and I wondered how anyone walking the path would not know which way they were going when they got to that point. 🤔

7 thoughts on “Alnmouth to Warkworth Walk, Northumberland, England

    • I’m not sure exactly why the blocks are there. They were about 3 feet or a metre cubed (and made of concrete as you say). My first thought was that they were left over from the war, to deter a sea landing (and now they are almost covered up), but when I did the post, I thought they may have been placed there as a sea defence to protect the dunes. 🤔

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