Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

While we were in Northumberland, Jude and I went for a day trip to Edinburgh on the train. Our main aim was to see the Royal Yacht, Britannia, but our appointment wasn’t until the afternoon. So with drizzle in the air, we opted for a wander around the Scottish National Gallery (at least one part of which is free to enter btw).

I’m always amazed by the skill of any artist, but some of the paintings (shown below) just blew me away – particularly the level of detail on some of the larger works. You’ve got to love the look on the dog’s face in the last image.

Note: For the best ‘gallery’ experience, please click on the first (or any) image and page through… (The title of each piece and artist is noted underneath each image, though I’m afraid WP doesn’t like to include capitals and apostrophe’s, etc).

4 thoughts on “Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. At last, WP and GMail cooperated and I got a notice of your latest post! (I have to go back and read up on the one’s I missed.) Maybe it was the Universe butting in to show me these images from Edinburrgh, because that is where “the Scottish guy” lives and we have talked a lot about visiting this gallery (and so much more). Wonderful photos! What a nice sneak peek you’ve given me/us!

    I hear there are over 100 words for rain in Scotland. :/ Not something for the tourist brochures to tout! I recently learned a smirr is a drizzle. πŸ™‚ Glad you and your wife found something fun to do while avoiding the smirr and waiting for the yacht. πŸ™‚

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    • Glad to be of service. 😊 I’m sure you will enjoy Edinburgh, despite the occasional smirr, drizzle, downpour and generally ‘dreek’ weather. Royal Yacht pics to come (when I have a mo – too much golf this weekend – which is another speciality of Scotland!)


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