The Dee Way, Part 1, Day 3 (of 5), Llandderfel to Corwen, N. Wales

The forecast for day 3 was good from 10am, so I delayed my start until around 9:30am. It proved to be a good move as the sun soon made an appearance, if only briefly here and there. It also meant that I arrived at the Llew Glas or Blue Lion Inn in Llandrillo at exactly the right time for some “Splendid” refreshment. 😊

However, after yet more overnight snow, I decided to avoid the high level option suggested in the book and I followed the lower level, riverside alternative from Llandrillo to Corwen. This at least gave me the opportunity, at a ford, to wet my feet in the river Dee itself, which somehow seemed appropriate.

Along this and previous legs, I became very popular with quite a few flocks of sheep. Normally they soon run away, but they obviously thought I was going to feed them something. It happened so many times, I decided to take a video. I’ve posted it below, after the usual gallery, for you to enjoy!

Sheep and lambs hoping for food…

7 thoughts on “The Dee Way, Part 1, Day 3 (of 5), Llandderfel to Corwen, N. Wales

  1. At last, the sun was present but still a lot of snow. Good choice to follow the river as gave you the opportunity to visit some nice places like that beautiful church. I’m sure you enjoyed this 3th part very much.

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  2. So many beautiful shots, Mike! And birds too, fantastic!! I hope the robin made it to the other side 😉 Photo #27 of the big view of the dee with the geese in flight and mallards, that is a gorgeous shot! Fun video at the end of the sheep and lamb, I turned on my volume so I could hear them too, delightful! 🙂

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    • Yes, I liked that photo too. (No. 28 was cropped of course. 😊) And I felt like the Pied Piper with all those sheep following me around. Normally you can’t get anywhere near them. It is a lovely sound to hear the little lambs bleating though.

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  3. When I look at your amazing pictures, I find myself in a winter wonderland far beyond my own reality. The photo of the sheep with the little kid is, lovely and 6-path-ahead and… No, it’s too hard to select, all your photos are well worth looking at for a while. And the video!!! Thanks for sharing all this Mike.

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