Ogwen Valley Walk, Snowdonia, North Wales

I mentioned in my (re)post yesterday that we have had some blue skies recently. As if to prove it, here are some pictures of a walk which Jude and I did last week in the Ogwen valley, up to two small lakes; Llyn Bochlwyd and Llyn Idwal.

Our peace was shattered almost immediately by the noise of 3 jets thundering through the valley. (I just about managed to capture one of them – see pic 3). The area is regularly used by RAF Valley, in Anglesey, to practice their manoeuvres. But, it didn’t stop there, as you will see (from pics 4, 7, 16 & 19) there were more planes to come, of various shapes and sizes! (Note that the last of them was taken when my camera was set to black and white. The clouds make it look like it might have been on fire but, rest assured, it wasn’t).

Nevertheless it was a beautiful walk – perhaps best summed up by the banner image/panoramic picture (no. 12), which had to be taken on my mobile phone as my camera doesn’t pan that far.

I also couldn’t resist including a picture of the cloudless skies before we set off, with Snowdon just to the right of centre in the first photo. The Ogwen valley is on the other side of that, about (30 miles/50km or) 50 minutes drive away.

I hope you enjoy this little walk, without the noise! 😊

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