Circular Walk around Lingmoor Fell, Lake District, England

After two relatively short walks, Jude suggested that I went off to do a longer walk. The tops were still covered with snow, so I decided to do a low level walk around Lingmoor Fell, taking in Little Langdale. Although the first section would be similar to our first walk, I knew that the main, middle section would be ‘new’ (at least for this trip) and I managed to find a different route back from Elterwater.

14 thoughts on “Circular Walk around Lingmoor Fell, Lake District, England

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous walk you took us on, Mike, thank you. You have a knack for photographing panoramic wonders, Mike, perhaps from all your time in the breathtaking Alps. These mountains are so stately, I love the rock walls and bridges, the landscapes–so beautiful (although you wouldn’t catch me on that crazy icy path). Nice to see you in the photo enjoying a breather. Lovely hike, thank you.

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    • Many thanks for your comments M. Yes, I agree, the signposts add a little something to the ‘virtual’ walk. Many of them are quite old and most of the wooden ones, interesting in themselves and often very ‘weathered’, which tells its own story! I also wonder whether I should put a ‘where were are in the UK’ type map, so that non-UK readers know whereabouts it is (and even for some UK people, judging by the lack of geographical knowledge on some of the TV quiz programmes!)


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