Llandanwg Estuary, Gwynedd, N. Wales

I mentioned some time ago that I might just drop in the odd single photo and so here we are…

Jude and I went for a walk along Llandanwg beach this afternoon. The weather recently has been very cold, but we’ve had very little wind and the sun was shining brightly today. The river (afon) Cwmnantcol comes out at Llandanwg and forms an estuary behind the main beach. The tide was in and the snow covered Rhinog mountains proved and ideal backdrop to the boats moored on the estuary.

20 thoughts on “Llandanwg Estuary, Gwynedd, N. Wales

  1. 😍
    Apparently WordPress doesn’t want us reading each other’s blogs, because I have missed notification of your recent posts as well. Sigh.

    Anyways… LOVE this photo. There seems to be a story there, or just a storied area.

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  2. An amazing photo! The reflections and the view are breath taking!!
    Tried to enlarge but it didn’t work.
    Take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas from Cyprus 😊🌦🌦

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    • Yes, one of the unfortunate things about posting a single image is that you don’t get to see the “full picture” like you do in a gallery of several photos. (Maybe next time I’ll have to post 2!) Hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas weekend. 😊

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      • You can make the single images clickable by linking to “media file”. Are you using the Classic editor or block?
        Thanks, yes, I enjoy the Christmas weekend, although yesterday it rained β˜”πŸ˜

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        • Rain is good – as long as it’s only occasionally! 😊
          I’m not sure which editor I’m using (the latest I think) but I can’t see where to set the image to “Media File”. When I click on the “Image” icon (after selecting the photo – which was loaded from the media library, obviously) all I see is a list saying Tiled gallery (my default – which usually allows for scrolling through large images), Gallery, Slideshow, Premium content, Collage, etc… So where would I find it or what setting do you think might work? I don’t think my template and having all my other stuff down the right hand side helps.

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  3. Mike, when you’ve upload one single image and click on it, you’ll see a box above where you can choose “insert link”. The image will then be enlarged when the viewer clicks on it. Hope it helped πŸ™‚

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