Jodie and Alex’s Wedding

Almost exactly 5 years ago now, I posted pictures of Hannah and Mike’s wedding. Well, after a 2 year delay, due to you-know-what, it was the turn of her sister, Hannah, to marry Alex.

The wedding was held at the Loch Melfort Hotel, which is around 20 miles south of Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. The happy couple were blessed with glorious sunshine all day and the actual ceremony took place in what can only be described as a magnificent setting, right by the side of the loch. Inevitably many kilts were in evidence and a piper played… I hope this video and the gallery below gives you a feel for the atmosphere on their very special day.

(Suggestion: For the optimum “Scottish” experience, after viewing the video, allow the music to loop around while you view the gallery of photos). 😊

9 thoughts on “Jodie and Alex’s Wedding

  1. Great jude! Lovely pictures en overwhelming nature with nice wether Lucky you!!
    The bride is your daughter? Sorry that I ask this
    We do miss jjou both in Evolene The chalet is empty , nobody is living there , strange, to put it mildly!
    Love Grac

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments Grace. Jodie is the elder daughter of one of Jude’s best friends, Kate. Hannah is her other daughter whose wedding I posted about 5 years ago. (Check out the link in the post for pictures of that). We’re both very sad that the chalet is empty, we really wanted it to be loved and lived in – at least more often than it sounds like it is currently. I hope you and your family are all well, we miss you and Evolène too! 😥


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  3. I have been out of circulation for a while so have come upon this delightful post rather late. These are beautiful photographs of what was obviously a lovely day. As one of my sons is a piper, I particularly enjoyed listening to the snippet of this one.

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