Common Blue butterfly

It seems a lifetime since I posted some pictures of butterflies. But there was great excitement (at least on on my part) in the garden this afternoon when a blue butterfly fluttered by and came to rest. I dashed in and grabbed my camera and, thankfully, managed to get a couple of reasonable shots from above and below to help to identify it. I was hoping for something exotic, but it appears to be ‘just’ a Common Blue male (Polymmatus icarus). Gone are the days I’m afraid when these posts will be filled with several species. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

And, yes, our grass does need cutting!

12 thoughts on “Common Blue butterfly

  1. Ohh… this beauty looks the same as the one I tried to capture this spring here in Cyprus. Exotic or not, to me it’s a unique little creature. Very nice pictures Mike!


    • Thanks Anita. Yours could have been the same, as they are very common, but it could have been something else as there are many blues around Europe. (I seem to recall that there were at least 40 different species of ‘blue’ in Switzerland).

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