Walk from Boulmer to Low Newton-by-the-Sea and back, Northumberland, England

While we were staying in Alnwick, Jude went off for the day to see her best friend Kate in Edinburgh. I therefore took the opportunity to do a long(ish) walk (of about 14 miles or 22.5 km) from Boulmer. OK, I admit it, my main motivation was to stop for a beer at the Ship Inn in Low Newton-by-the-Sea. πŸ˜‹

As you will see from the gallery below, the weather was breezy, but quite kind until I set off for the return journey, when the winds dropped and the rain took over. I got so wet, my mobile phone screen decided to pack up and, despite my best efforts to revive it (by leaving it in a bag of dried rice for a week), it still doesn’t work.

Over the past few weeks, Jude and I have been in the habit of collecting bits of sea glass and washed up pottery from all the various beaches that we have visited. I therefore couldn’t stop myself picking up the handful in picture 2, which were all found in the small area seen just below my hand. Another load was safely put to one side until I returned, when I managed to completely fill my sandwich bag.

The route also took in Dunstanburgh Castle and Embleton beach which I’ve previously posted here. My apologies for the duplication, but I don’t think you can ever have too much of a good thing!

14 thoughts on “Walk from Boulmer to Low Newton-by-the-Sea and back, Northumberland, England

    • Yes, it’s really strange that the phone still works (as proven when it rings and I can make calls when it connects via bluetooth to our car) but I cannot see anything on the screen to either make or answer any normal calls. So I’ve had to get another. (As you say, an expensive walk!) My wife plans to do something ‘artistic’ with the various bits and pieces, but at the moment the are either in jars or displayed ‘decoratively’ around the house.


  1. Wonderful views, lovely sandy beaches, great images from your looong walk Mike! And of course, it can be seen in some of your pictures that the weather was not the best but the way to the pub can be any length as long as the effort was worth it once you are there, which it certainly was in your case 😁 Interesting about the sea glass, wonder if it can be found also here in Cyprus.

    Sad what happened to your mobile phone but cleverly thought out to leave it in a bag of dried rice. Though you made me a little confused, are there any difference between dry and raw rise πŸ˜‚

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    • Thanks Anita. As you say, any walk to a (decent) pub is worth every step! 😊 As for the rice, it’s just plain old uncooked rice. Mine is still in the bag (I’ve not checked it again recently) as I understand it can take up to a month. I chose Basmati, but I did wonder whether Long Grain might have been better… πŸ€”

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