Craig y Garn Walk, Gwynedd, N. Wales

From our house you can see a number of mountains and, almost inevitably, it has become a bit of a goal of ours to ‘top’ each one of them. One of the smallest is Craig y Garn (at 363 metres/1,191 feet) which, on a clear day of course, we can see above Porthmadog as we look across the estuary. We found a route to the top in a small book called “Walks Around Porthmadog and Blaenau Ffestiniog”, published by Kittiwake, which itself has 20 different walks and may also become a bit of a ‘challenge’.

So it was that on 21st November 2021, Jude and I walked to the top from the village of Garndolbenmaen. As you will see, you don’t have to climb too high in Wales to get magnificent panoramic, 360 degree views. Plus, of course, if we can see the top from home, you should be able to see our house from the top. And if you zoom in on photo no. 9, you may be able to make out a white house on the far side of the estuary – above the lowest point of the ‘V’ between the two hills (slightly left of centre).

10 thoughts on “Craig y Garn Walk, Gwynedd, N. Wales

  1. So many beautiful pictures and a true proof that Jude and you chose the right place to settle!
    I looked closely at picture nine and I think I saw your house, but i’m not sure. I tried to look closely at picture number nine and I think I saw your house but, regardless of whether I saw the right house or not, I can happily state that you do not have any (disturbing) neighbors nearby 😁
    It’s a wonderful scenery you are surrounded by!!


    • Thanks Anita. Re pic 9 – you have to look just above the V between the two hills as the cross over. Then look just above and to the right of a sort of sandbank in the estuary. There’s a vague patch of white with a line of trees behind. But, you are right, there are not many neighbours close by! It’s a fabulous spot. 😊

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