Butterflies and bugs…

I promised you some butterflies from my last few weeks in Switzerland and here they are…

All of the photos below were taken near to our chalet in Evolène, on either the 23rd or 24th August or 1st September. Although I have seen a few since arriving in Wales, (most notably a Peacock, a Tortoiseshell and a Comma), I’m definitely going to miss the abundance and variety of these little beauties… 😌

24 thoughts on “Butterflies and bugs…

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your vast array of butterflies here, Mike. Your photos did a great job of highlighting the beauty in each one. The peacock is really special. Fun playing the “I Spy” game with you, too. I didn’t leave the photo until I saw every specimen you pointed out. Fun!

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  2. An absolutely lovely collection of these beautiful butterflies Mike!! I wish I seen at least a few of them this year but for some reason, I don’t know why, they seem to be hiding from me 😅

    I notice that you still haven’t find out how to show a gallery with faded background. My editor is in Swedish so I don’t really see the same choice as you but in settings for different collages you have to turn on “Lightbox”. Have you tried that?

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