Verbania (Pallanza) and Lake Maggiore, Italy

As soon as we got back from our trip to the UK, we put our chalet on the market and Jude started packing. We initially bought 20 largish boxes from the local DIY store, but they were soon filled. Little did we know at the time that another 40 would be needed “We don’t have much stuff”, we said. After 4 or 5 weeks of intense packing (n.b. by Jude – I think I managed one, almost) we decided it was time for a break and we went off for a few days by Lake Maggiore.

By then it was mid-August and, thankfully, the thunder storms, which can often ruin your summer evenings, never materialised. We went swimming in the lake and, of course, for a boat ride around the upper part of the lake, visiting some of the lakeside villages and the Villa Taranto Botanical Gardens. I’ve posted about this fabulous location before but, hey, you can never have too much of a good thing! 😊 Though. even I was surprised to find the little creature in photo 24 hopping amongst the leaves by the side of one the ponds.

15 thoughts on “Verbania (Pallanza) and Lake Maggiore, Italy

    • Yes, it was a nice break and we completely forgot about moving for a while. But then you are soon back into the reality! anyway, that’s all done and dusted now. We left some stuff behind and we were going to drive back to fetch it, but we can’t face the trauma of it all again and so we’re having it shipped over. Much, much easier! 😊

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  1. The thing about packing feels familiar, you always have significantly more than you first think, which you soon realize. So you managed one box!!! That means that it was Jude who mostly needed a break. On the other hand, you did very well by Lake Maggiore when it comes to handle your camera which meant that we got to experience all the beauty that you saw together in reality!!
    Thanks for that Mike, your images are amazing, a delight to the eye!!

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