Col du Tsaté and Col du Bréona from Evolène, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland (Part 2 of 2)

We left our walk yesterday at the Remointse de Tsaté. From there, the path ascends, quite gradually at first, to the Col du Tsaté. (See pic 1). The route then goes right and I believe there is a way directly up and over the ridge to the Col de Bréona. However, I wasn’t sure how difficult it was, in terms of climbing or scrambling (or how precipitous), so I took the ‘safe’ route that I knew, which traverses slightly down then back up to the unnamed peak at 2,985m (9,793ft). The views from there are spectacular. (See pics 5 and 6).

On the descent to Les Haudères I encountered many more butterflies – making at least 18 different species altogether on this walk. The ‘best’ of them, from a rarity point of view, was the Dusky Meadow Brown, shown in pics 11 and 26. My book says they are vulnerable but, thankfully, as we see here, they seem to be thriving in the Valais. 👍👍

You will not be surprised to read that I will miss this abundance of butterflies. 😌

10 thoughts on “Col du Tsaté and Col du Bréona from Evolène, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland (Part 2 of 2)

    • I’m glad you liked the images Rudi. It was mid-August, so I would have expected to see ‘a few’ butterflies. But it never ceases to amaze me how many different ones I capture in a relatively short time. (The walk may have been around 6 hours long). It’s also interesting to ‘see’ that they mostly appear in batches – in certain areas on the ascent and again on the descent. Happy Sunday to you too. 😊


  1. Mike, what an enchanting visit to the Alps, thanks for taking us with you. The alpine views and mountainsides, the alpine villages, all so beautiful. And the butterflies are truly extraordinary. Thanks for taking the time to photograph all of these butterflies, I enjoyed each one.

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  2. Wow!! Eighteen different species of butterflies!!! Guess if I’m jealous? No, not at all 🙂
    …and I fully understand that you will miss this diversity but on the other hand, you have so many amazing memories from Switzerland to look back on and a huge number of fantastic images in your
    in your archive, which you shared with the rest of us. Thanks for that Mike, now new adventures await!


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