Butterflies and more…

The weather here in the Val d’Hérens has been a bit mixed of late. One day the sun is shining and then the next two or three it’s been rain and cloud. I took these photos just up our road a week or so ago, hoping to add to them, but I’ve not really had the chance. (I have been out for a long walk, but that will be in my next post(s)… 😊)

10 thoughts on “Butterflies and more…

  1. Gosh that scarce copper is exquisite, and all the fritillaries! We’ve had a fall of painted ladies today, must have seen five on the buddleia in the last hour. Can’t compete with the Alps though!

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    • I presume you mean the female(?) I struggled to identify it when I first captured an image (on the way back down from the Pic d’Artsinol a few years ago now) as the books all seem to show the dazzling orange of the male. It’s a beautiful thing. Buddleias are a magnet for Painted Ladies, (as well as Tortoiseshells and Red Admirals) but we don’t tend to get many of them up here. Could be the lack of buddleia of course. 🤔

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  2. Oh boy oh boy, Mike, this was truly enchanting, thank you. Your slide show was gorgeous with the close-up photos of butterflies and flowers, and I liked your words too. I appreciated all the identification, and also those that were not. Had to smile at “unknown flying thing” and “interesting spider.” The butterfly chase was nice for size perspective. I especially liked the copper butterfly on the bright yellow flower. Thank you for this frolic in the Alps, my friend.

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    • Yes it is – great pattern don’t you think? If you view the photos as a gallery, which you should to get the best view, there is a caption at the bottom, beneath the picture. Useful in case you wonder what the other things are as well (assuming I know of course!)


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