Mont d’Orge Bisse and Butterfly Walk, Valais, Switzerland

Last Friday, Jude had a hair appointment and some shopping to do down in Sion, so I took the opportunity to do a short walk along the bisse which runs along the side of Mont d’Orge. It was a warm and somewhat cloudy day, but I still hoped to find a few butterflies. And indeed I did – including a new one for me. 👍👍😊

I thought the Great Sooty Satyr was new untiI I spotted a note in my book saying I’d seen one last year on the path up to La Sage. It was the Eastern Bath White in picture 18. In flight the whites can look quite similar, but this one looked a little different – once landed. Thankfully I got just the one shot of it before it flew off. Result!

6 thoughts on “Mont d’Orge Bisse and Butterfly Walk, Valais, Switzerland

    • I wish you could see them too. Butterflies are everywhere at the moment. I never really know what I’m going to see. On this walk there were loads of Common Blues (I had about 4 or 5 pics of them). Today, on another walk, (post to come), incredibly I didn’t capture any! I saw loads of Small blues, (posted them so many times I never took any pictures), several Tortoiseshells (ditto), 2 Red Admirals and a Swallowtail, (all 3 of which flew off before I could get near). But the weather this week is hot (as it is in the UK I believe), so I won’t have to go far to find something interesting. (Though the local farmer has had one of his cows on one of my best spots for capturing them, i.e. next to where we park the car, and it currently looks like a bombs hit it!)

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