Bramois and Tour de Romandie, Stage 4, Valais, Switzerland

I’m aware that not everyone likes cycling, or even maybe sport, but this post is not just about cycling – honest! Please read on…

As I mentioned in my post on Thursday, a stage of the Tour de Romandie professional cycle race came up our valley yesterday, so I just had to post a few pictures. Although the route had no loops as such, like Stage 1, as before I managed to find 4 different places to take pictures; two near Bramois, one in the village of Vex and the fourth on the final climb, around 6km (4 miles) from the finish.

Also as before, I got into position early so I had plenty of time to wander around the village of Bramois, taking a few photos to show you what a typical Swiss or Valaisan village looks like. As you will see, it’s a mix of the very old, the traditional and the new (with a most unusual house) and with excellent sports facilities. (Even the smallest villages in Switzerland seem to have fabulous football pitches and tennis courts – no wonder they punch above their weight on the world stage). I also discovered where all those hubcaps go to that you sometimes see lying by the side of the road…

As for the race, you have to feel for these Pro cyclists. The stage included 3 category 1 climbs and the weather was awful, with rain falling throughout the second half of the race and 2 of those climbs – the last being to over 2,000m (6,500ft) with winter snow still by the side of the road. Spare a thought then also for Geraint Thomas, who took the lead with only a few kilometres to go and was tracked by Michael Woods. In the sprint finish, Thomas, with freezing fingers and only a few yards to go to the line, lost his grip of the handlebars and crashed to the floor. He got up, climbed back on his bike and finished the race and remains in second place overall, having now been overtaken by Michael Woods, but the fall cost him vital seconds and the lead.

8 thoughts on “Bramois and Tour de Romandie, Stage 4, Valais, Switzerland

    • Yes, the clouds were coming and going and visibility was down to 30 yards in places when I was driving to get into position. (I also got caught up in some of the support vehicles which move ahead to provide drinks and food en route. They (we) were being cheered by the albeit small crowds as we passed by!) I don’t think there is a women’s race. I’m no expert, but where there are women’s races they tend to be over e.g. 3 days or just a one-off event. However I did read about a “P’tit Tour de Romandie”, for what appears to be a few selected children (though that didn’t take place this year, presumably due to COVID):


    • I hadn’t thought of it like that, but I see what you mean. Anyway, Thomas had the last laugh as he had a great time trial on the last stage yesterday and won the whole race by about 30 seconds (after being 11 seconds behind). He’s British, so I’m a little biased! 😊

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