Mayens du Cotter Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

After a week of sunny, but cool, weather, yesterday I decided to check out how high the snow line had risen to on the south west facing side of the valley. I expected the small pond at Béplan to be still under snow, but the chalets at Mayens du Cotter to be clear and so it proved…

My plan was to walk along the relatively flat track from there and drop down to Les Haudères. But I’d forgotten that the cross path went up again and I could see that it was still covered in quite a lot of snow. Not wishing to have a repeat of my epic walk of 2 weeks ago, I decided to make my way back down to Villa. From there, to make it into a sort of figure of 8 loop, I walked down the road to La Sage and took a quick detour up to the small Chapelle de Saint-Christophe, before descending the path to La Tour and home again.

As you will see from the gallery below, I still managed to find a little bit of snow, but it was only between 5 and 20 cm (2 to 8 inches) deep. It must have been pretty cold too, as most of streams were partly frozen. (See pics 9 and 10).

And I’m glad I did this walk yesterday as, overnight, we’ve had another 5cm (2″) of the white stuff. Hopefully that’s the last for a long while…

9 thoughts on “Mayens du Cotter Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • Thank you for your very nice comments. For the next few days, we will still have negative temperatures overnight, but that should change next week. 🤞🤞 The maximum temperature should rise from 6 to 12, but when the sun is out (and/or you’re walking uphill) it feels a lot warmer! Have a great weekend too!


  1. Your Alps photo series always slow my heartbeat down, Mike (well, except for that epic walk two weeks ago). I do the slide show and slip into the Alps scenes instantly, enjoying the villas and chalets, the mountain scenes. Gorgeous and mesmerizing. Lovely to see the full springtime palette from the frozen stream to the daffodils, and everything in between. Many thanks.

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    • Thank you Jet. It’s so nice to know that you (& others hopefully) are enjoying these walks, if only virtually! Some of the flowers have been coming out for the past 3 weeks, but they seem to have gone into hibernation over the past week while the overnight temperatures have dropped below freezing. Hopefully things are set to improve. 🤞

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