Walk to Le Vanil des Cours and Mont Bifé, Gruyère, Switzerland

The mountains of the Swiss Prealps are relatively small compared to their taller cousins to the south east. (Indeed, I’ve just read here that there are 1206 named peaks in the Prealps, stretching from the eastern end of Lac Léman/Lake Geneva all the way across Switzerland to Lichtenstein and the highest of them is the Schilthorn at 2,973m or 9,754ft). So, while Jude took a drive up the Jaun Pass, I walked from Charmey to the top of two of them, the Vanil des Cours (@1,562m or 5125ft) and Mont Bifé (@1,482m or 4,862ft).

As I walked between the two peaks I was pleased to spot a Crossbill enjoying the view over Lac de la Gruyère. He hung around for quite a while, so I decided to take a video in the hope that the zoom might get a closer view. Sadly this was not to be but, while filming, his mate came along with some nesting material and he decided to vacate his perch to a lower branch (see pic 21). He obviously knew his place! Please check out the video after the image gallery. (It’ll never make the Wildlife Film of the Year awards, but you’ll get the idea). 😊

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