Walk from La Luette to Sion, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

Most times my walks go very smoothly but, occasionally, there are a few hiccups… Yesterday, I drove down to La Luette, with the intention of walking down the east side of the valley to Sion. I’d no sooner got out of the car when I discovered I’d left my camera at home. A quick about turn to pick it up and 20 minutes later I was setting off. Less than five minutes later, I was taking my first photo and the camera said it couldn’t read the SD Card. My heart sank! I was sure I’d put the card back in and, thankfully, I had. But, for some reason, it took 3 attempts to get it working. Phew!

Not long after that, I came across the sign in pic 2, saying the path was closed due to the danger of rock fall. You can see where the rocks are sticking out (in pic 3), so I ignored the sign and maybe 150 metres later I exited the danger zone (having kept a watchful eye on the rocks above!) Phew 2!
Note: this is not recommended practice of course and should only be undertaken by intrepid explorers or idiots like me!

Another unusual encounter was with a herd of goats, which decided to follow me from their apparent home at Ossona. You can just about see them to the bottom left of pic 8. As I continued along the track, I was suddenly aware of the tinkling of bells behind (see pic 9). I stopped to see if they would continue to some unknown destination, but no, they just hung around. (Maybe it was the smell of Jude’s delicious peanut butter biscuits in my bum-bag, I don’t know). All I could do was continue and they seemed to drop back, but again they decided I was worth following (pic 12) and I only got rid of them when I reached a gate about 500 metres later. Phew 3!

As I was walking along several small, brown and orange looking, fluttery things kept taking off in front of me. I knew they were not Tortoiseshell butterflies as they were much smaller. But none of them would re-land to have their photo taken. About half way along the walk, two more appeared in quick succession, so I kept my eyes peeled for no. 3 and, bingo, I finally caught one before it took off. I’m still not exactly sure what they were, but my best guess is an Orange or Light-Orange Underwing moth. (See pic 19).

Lastly, for your entertainment, (never let it be said you don’t get full value on this website), I decided to take a video of my crossing of the Passerelle de la Grande Combe. Since WP only allows a maximum of 250Mb, I did it in 2 sections and spliced them together (cutting off the ends of each to make it small enough to upload). I hope you enjoy. (It’s at the end of the post, after the gallery).

18 thoughts on “Walk from La Luette to Sion, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

  1. I saw some moths like those in a wood a couple of years back and couldn’t get any shots, they flew as soon as I focused as though they reacted to the auto focus light.
    The web looks like a moth caterpillar web, probably Ermine Moth.
    As for the goats…..well they certainly like you!

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    • Thanks for your comments Brian. I think I read that they like birch trees, of which there are many in those woods and that they appear early in the year. But, yes, they were very ‘flighty’ and once airborne they never seemed to come back. But I got lucky with the first one (as described in the post) and then later captured some more near a small vineyard building, where there were 4 or 5, which did seem to take flight and land again. Some seemed more orange than others, but it may just have been the way the wings were open (or not as the case may be). You may be right about the web, though note, it was in a conifer tree and at the bottom, where I thought there might be the larvae or eggs, it just looked like light brown or green bread crumbs. I’m not sure if you can see the detail in the gallery picture, but I have a closer version if you’re interested.

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  2. What a fun post! And after all of the rocky starts. (Why do annoyances like that seem to clump together in a day?) I loved that you had goats following you, a Pied Piper of goats! Thoroughly enjoyed the little vidoe at the end, and yes, that sturdy bridge is a big improvement over the teeny tiny rocky precarious previous path! You did a good job demonstrating that the bridge was pretty stable, just a bit bouncy with footsteps and not something that swings from side to side. And those ribbon-y rock formations that you showed when you stopped in the middle of the bridge are really interesting!

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  3. Whoa, you certainly overcame your share of obstacles on this walk… luckily for us. Hope you got to eat the sandwich in peace 😅. Your crossing of the bridge literally felt like being there in person for me – my legs tensed up just imagining the experience! Fantastic post, great photos and video! Thanks for taking us along.

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  4. Excellent entertainment value here for sure! I was feeling for you, Mike, with your beginning woes until the herd of goats started to follow you, then I had to giggle. 😅 Very nice photos along your way, and I felt a bit uneasy watching your video as ‘we’ walked over the bridge, then stopping to pan! 😳 I read your other comments about the bridge, there isn’t a sign that there’s a maximum number of people on it? Whew! I will happily suffice to join you along your hikes from my comfy chair (and still hang on!). 🙂

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