Bisse Neuf and Bisse de Varen Walk, Rhone valley, Switzerland

I can always rely on a Bisse (i.e. ancient watercourse and irrigation channel) as an option whenever there’s snow at the higher levels here in Evolène. This walk started and finished in the village of Venthône, in the French speaking part of Switzerland and, around half way, crossed the ‘border’ into the German speaking part. Many of he towns and villages in the area reflect this ‘split’ personality by having dual names – like Sierre/Siders, Salgesch/Salquenen and Loèche-les-Bains/Leukerbad.

Like many people I prefer to do circular routes so, to make the walk slightly more interesting, I made it into a sort of figure of 8, by returning along what the map says is the Mengis Wasserleitu. This appears to be a much smaller and lower version of the Grossi Wasserleitu (which is also called the Bisse de Varen).

Sadly though, apart from the last kilometre or so, the Bisses were devoid of ‘wasser’ and there were no precipitous drops or chains to hang onto to get the pulse racing. 🙁 Despite that, I did very much enjoy the walk and wandering around Venthône, where I especially liked the bronze statue outside the Chateau. (See pic 26).

8 thoughts on “Bisse Neuf and Bisse de Varen Walk, Rhone valley, Switzerland

  1. Vous avez fait une autre belle promenade. Ce qui me frappe, c’est qu’il n’y a pratiquement pas de neige (à moins qu’il ne s’agisse de photos récentes). Ici en Belgique nous avons eu toute une semaine avec un froid féroce et une couche de neige 🙂 J’avais déjà entendu parler de “les bises”, maintenant je les vois grâce à vous. Bon week-end.

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    • Yes, these pictures were all taken yesterday, but the snowline is at around 1,100 to 1,200 metres, with just a little hanging around in the shaded areas. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. There are quite a few more posts covering some of the other Bisses in the valley. Just do a Search on ‘Bisse’ on my About page to find them.
      P.S. Your French is much better than mine!


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