Birds on our Feeder, Evolène

You may recall that a stag managed to completely dismantle our bird feeder (twice). So we moved it onto the corner of the terrace (on the first floor). Since then I’ve been trying to get some decent pictures of the different birds, but they seem to be very alert whenever I point the camera in their general direction and fly off.

However, I have managed to capture a few reasonable photos over the past few weeks, which I thought I’d share. As well as the usual suspects (Great Tits, Blue Tits, Crested Tits, Coal Tits and Long Tailed Tits) there has been a flock of at least 12 Siskins, which have taken up almost permanent residence.

Also an Alpine Accentor seems to have selected our neighbourhood for its new home. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one which regularly perches on our balcony and the apex of the roof.

8 thoughts on “Birds on our Feeder, Evolène

    • Yes, they’re definitely one of our favourite birds. They always seem to be saying ‘hello’ when they arrive with that classic trim phone tweet. We always see them in winter, but less so in the summer. (But then, we only put the feeder out for the winter).

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  1. Lovely pictures of the birds. I was surprised to see so many Siskins. Across the Rhône Valley in LesDiablerets we encountered an ornithologist capturing them for ringing before they migrated south towards, he said, the Mediterranean. Do you think yours have come from further north or are now sticking around and no longer migrating?

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    • I think the worst of the winter is over now, (let’s hope so anyway 🤞) so they could even be on their way back north. Though why they would hang around at 1400m when it’s much warmer in the valley (normally anyway) and where there’s no snow, I’m not sure. I also heard a flock in Venthone while I was out walking yesterday. So I think there must quite a few around.


    • Thanks Donna. I was a bit limited by where I could stand to take the photos. From the terrace itself, you’re more or less into the sun (and the birds tend to be a bit wary) and the other balcony is not very wide. But they worked out OK. (Nowhere near as good as your more natural shots obviously!)

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