Passarelle de la Grande Combe from La Luette, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland (Walk 12)

On the way down to Sion the other day, I noticed that the path for this route on the far side of the valley was pretty much clear of snow. And indeed, but for some ice on the initial descent from La Luette, that proved to be the case.

Apart from two lost looking souls in the ‘square’ in Euseigne, I didn’t see anyone along the route at all. Perhaps that was just as well, since there would be no way of socially distancing oneself almost anywhere along the path and especially crossing the 133 metre/145 yard long suspension bridge. (See pic 14).

I’m always in awe of anyone who can paint and I think the mural on the house in Ossona (pic 18) is simply amazing. I’ve included some close-up photos to give you a better idea of the skill of the artist. I was completely blown away by the black and white ‘picture’ (which is just to the top left of the door in the main picture). Even the (apparent) wall and lintel to the right of it is painted! Incredible detail and I’m glad I can share it with you! 😊

On the descent to Combioula, I saw something flutter up in front of me – obviously a butterfly or a moth. It went high up and into the line of the sun and I lost sight of it. That was annoying enough, (it being my first opportunity of the year to capture one on camera) but only a few seconds later it happened again!! I also spotted just the tail end of what must have been a small green wall lizard. So Spring may not be far away.

6 thoughts on “Passarelle de la Grande Combe from La Luette, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland (Walk 12)

    • Thanks Donna. The bridge wobbles rather than sways. As you put your right then left foot down it obviously unbalances it and you to a certain extent, but it doesn’t really swing side to side (thankfully!) It’s pretty solid with 2″ to 3″ cables. It is quite a drop to the ground half way across though, so looking down can be a bit unnerving. There is a much longer one near Zermatt which I’ll have to cross one day… 😊

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every single photo here, Mike, thanks so much for taking the time to share all this Swiss Alp beauty with us. The trails are so narrow and steep, I appreciate that you master them; the suspension bridge is fantastic in it’s amazing construction and I liked seeing all the different angles of it, espec. the one when we were on it; the paintings were indeed extraordinary, and I liked how you gave us the big overview, and then many of the isolated drawings within, the drawing of the house and mountain looked so real I couldn’t tell if it was a drawing or real life until I went back and looked again; the hedgehog and fly photo gave me a big smile. And lastly, oh my goodness how your Alps take my breath away. Cheers, Mike, and many thanks.

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    • You’re very welcome Jet. It must be a complete contrast to the sunshine and warmth where you live (or the places you go on safari or your bird watching trips). I should have also included the artist’s name in at least one of the photos to give them some credit. Such a lot of work when hardly anyone (relatively) will pass by. So I’m really glad you enjoyed the gallery. 😊

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  2. I agree, the mural on the house is great and so is the very narrow suspension bridge, but in a completely different way. Must be breathtaking to walk on that bridge! Many exciting and interesting pictures that you share here from your walk Mike and when it comes to butterflies, I’ve also seen a few but never managed to capture the first one of the year. Yes, spring is in the air and soon it will be both here and there !!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Anita. I captured my first butterfly last year (a Tortoiseshell) on Feb 19th – though that was on the south facing side of the Rhone valley (at around 600m altitude). I have taken one on the snow before, near our chalet, but that could have been late March or even in April. The temperature has dropped again here, so it could be a little while yet this year…

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