La Forclaz via Sépey from Les Haudères (Walk 9), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

It seems I was wrong in my post yesterday and the snow is expected to fall over the next 3 or 4 days… Fortuitously this meant another sunny day for me to pick off another walk from my list. I didn’t want to take the car, so I decided to walk to Les Haudères from our home in Evolène. As you will see there’s still plenty of snow around and it’s only going to get deeper!

12 thoughts on “La Forclaz via Sépey from Les Haudères (Walk 9), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • Sadly the temperature has risen and the precipitation has turned to sleet/rain, so everything has gone horribly wet and soggy (making clearing the driveway twice as difficult/heavy!) So, we’ll probably just have a lot of ice when it freezes again – unless it snows again of course. I’m glad I made hay while the sun shone (as it were!)

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  1. The shots with the bright, sparkling snow and blue sky are gorgeous, but I find the ones shot in the shadows, where everything is all softly blue to really grab me. Not sure why, but I really feel the quietness of all that blanketing of snow in the ‘blue’ shots. ♥

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    • Very interesting… A lot of the walk was in the shade, that’s for sure – and cooler because of it of course. I’m not sure the camera captures the colours accurately as the pictures do seem more blue than they should be. But blue is better than grey! 😊

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