Ancien Bisse du Ro, Valais, Switzerland

When I got back to the car park after my walk up Bella Lui, I thought I’d have a quick look at the Bisse du Ro. I wasn’t planning on doing the whole route, of 5 km (3 miles) there and 5 km (3 miles) back, but there was a sign at the start saying it was closed in 2 km (1.25 miles), so I thought I’d do what I could.

This of course meant that if I had been able to continue on my intended route over Bella Lui and down the path from the Col de l’Arpochey, I would have been stuck on the other side of whatever blockage there was. So it was a good job I did turn around when I did. 😊

As you will see, it’s not a route recommended for anyone with vertigo!

18 thoughts on “Ancien Bisse du Ro, Valais, Switzerland

  1. Wow. Amazing views. But not a walk for even vaguely vertigo-suffering ramblers. Like me. The people who built those walkways must’ve been made of pretty stern stuff.

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  2. Oh how dedicated the Swiss have been to their mountain walks. I love these photos, Mike, demonstrating the engineering of these paths, and the ingenuity. I can never fathom how these are built, so I espec. enjoyed reading the explanation. A plank pushed out in open space, loaded with stones to counter-balance. yikes. and yikes again! Terrific post.


    • Thank you Jet. It must have been a precarious business. (Just like some of those guys who built the New York skyscrapers that you see sitting having lunch on a girder!) At the end of the day, they obviously thought it necessary in order to water the crops to keep people fed (and wined, if you consider the vineyards as well!) 😊

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  3. Around here everyone pats themselves on the back for some basic conversion of an old railroad track into a walking path. Holy cats… plus, if you ever need a photo example of the word “trust” you have a few now.

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    • There are 28 bisses around the Rhone valley (at least in our canton of the Valais) but not all have those death-defying walkways. I must have walked about 8, maybe even 10, of them now and I’d say 4 or 5 have some sections like that. I certainly trust the Swiss engineers, but the biggest danger is from rockfalls from above. I think that’s why the route must have been closed. That was certainly the case with the Bisse de Lens in February (see pic 21): I would have continued on this route, to find out why it was blocked, but for 2 guys sitting at a bench near the closed sign. I will no doubt return next summer to complete the walk that I intended to do. 😊

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