Fafleralp Walk, Lötschental, Valais, Switzerland

When I bought my new point and shoot camera, I also bought a new case, because the old case and the belt strap were a little too big. But I then discovered that the belt strap on the new case didn’t fit my bumbag. So, I’ve been in the habit of swapping the cases around, depending on whether I’m using my bumbag or rucksack.

On my way out yesterday I picked up the new case, but hadn’t realised, until I zoomed in for the 2nd picture below, that I had my old camera with me. Doh! I thought, as the my old camera has a dark blotch towards the top right corner, which spoils perfectly blue skies. From then on, I had to keep turning the camera upside down (for any landscape photos including the sky) and press the shutter with my thumb. It was inconvenient, but not the end of the world of course.

On the (big) plus side, the old camera has a 30x zoom and it proved useful on several occasions, not least of which was to capture the Crossbill image, (pic 12). It was at the very top of a conifer tree and was a ‘first’ sighting for both Jude and me. In addition Jude spotted a Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture, but it was far too high to get a decent photograph (worth posting anyway).

As you will see, this walk, which is Swiss Walk no. 152 by the way, takes in 3 small lakes, all of which provided excellent photo opportunities. And you will notice not one, but two mountain huts; the Anenhütte and the Hollandiahütte, which sits, perched above the Löschenlücke.

6 thoughts on “Fafleralp Walk, Lötschental, Valais, Switzerland

  1. Great to see a crossbill! I’ve never managed to see one here in the Uk, though they’re often around in Scotland. And we had our own Lammergeier for a few weeks in Nottinghamshire for some reason – a young female who’d drifted over from the Swiss Alps apparently, so she could have been one of yours!

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    • Yes, Jude heard it first and thought it was something ‘different’. She finally spotted it at the top of the tree and it stayed there for ages while we did our best to get photos. Curiously, we’ve never seen them in our valley, though I have a Bearded Vulture. I was out walking with a colleague from the office on the way to the Pic d’Artsinol and it flew up from below as he was looking out over the valley from a rocky outcrop. It was quite scary really!


  2. Congrats on the Crossbill shot, Mike! So many beautiful shots here, especially love the lake reflections, that last one with the stacked mountaintops is awesome. And the last shot of the sunlit cliffs is stunning! Great hike with your sweetheart!

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    • Thank you Donna. Though the shot of the Crossbill is not up to your standards I’m afraid. But at least we could identify it. 😊 I wasn’t the only one taking photos near that las lake. There were 2 other ‘proper’ photographers there (with tripods etc.). One was squatting down behind a bench so that his shadow wasn’t in the shot. And we passed another on his way to the lake as we left. I think they were waiting for the sunset to turn the mountain tops a slightly pink colour.

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