Borgne Riverside Walk, (Walk 2), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

I don’t mind admitting that my legs were aching (for 2 days) after my epic walk to the Pointe du Tsaté last Friday. I wasn’t surprised, as I hadn’t done a lot of walking while we were away in the UK and none at all during our 10 day isolation. During the ascent my hips and calf muscles were screaming to stop (which I did/had to frequently and hence the number of photographs!) and on the descent it was my thighs and knees which rebelled. So on Saturday, Jude and I went for a nice, leisurely stroll up the river.

With Autumn colours all around and plenty of time to try something different, I had a play with the Watercolour setting on my camera. Let me know what you think.

Regular readers may also recall that this is my one and only ‘flat’ running, no, jogging route in our valley. Which reminds me, I must start training again… 🏃‍♂️

11 thoughts on “Borgne Riverside Walk, (Walk 2), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

  1. Looks like my kind of walk – flat and beautiful. Have been influenced by my dutch wife who is not keen on any walks which are too up and down – claims it’s her heritage. Love the views from the mountains, just not so keen on walking up them. Your web site comes in very handy! Love the scratching cows btw.

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  2. Wonderful captures, Mike, and a great hike! You got a giggle out of me on the cow/steer (?) scratching an itch, then a good laugh on the next shot and caption. 😅 😂 I’m not sure I’m keen with the ‘watercolor’ shots, but they are interesting to look at. Good for you to play with the process, we never know what could be a gem of a shot with a special process without trying it out often! 😊

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    • Thanks Donna. It seems the cow shots are a bit of a hit with the blogosphere, (well, 2 out of 2 positive comments anyway), so I may have to take some more! (Though they could well be in their sheds for the winter very soon). There may be an ideal subject for the watercolours, but I’ve yet to find it! I much prefer my friend Arthur’s paintings anyway. See for some of his work.

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  3. Thanks for this glorious walk along the River Borgne, Mike, I enjoyed it very much. The changing colors on the trees, the alpine villages and scenes, the cow and its giant bell. I espec. enjoyed seeing the River Borgne, it’s so lively and picturesque. I can imagine it must be incredibly swollen when the snow melts.

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    • Thanks Jet. 😊 The river runs more strongly in the summer for sure, (less so when it’s cooler), but there are signs warning not to go onto the river bed as they can release water from the reservoirs higher up. So it is controlled to a certain degree, but I’ve never seen it ‘flood’ as such. The cows do have huge bells when they are older, but much smaller ones, which jangle rather than clang, when they are younger. More cows and views tomorrow… 😊

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