Self-isolation in Evolène, Val d’Hérens…

Jude and I are now back home and, thankfully, over half way through our self-isolation period of 10 days. There are, of course, worse places to be holed up, but I’m feeling a bit like a caged tiger, wanting to get out and about, especially while the sun is shining and there’s not so much snow on the ground. (I’d estimate the snow line to be at around the 2,500m or 8,000ft mark).

I’ve kept myself busy by posting some of our good friend Arthur’s paintings of his time in the Comores. Click here for two examples, with 4 more to come over the next 4 days.

But, with nowhere to go and wanting to post something on this site, I decided to take a few pictures from both within and around the chalet.

8 thoughts on “Self-isolation in Evolène, Val d’Hérens…

  1. Hi Mike, just catching up with your blog, looks like you had a lovely time! And you probably left Wales just before their circuit-breaker lockdown. I hope your self-isolation speeds past….have you got anything decent to read?

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    • Yes, we escaped ‘mid’ Wales just after they had ‘closed’ the north and south and then England as the ‘tiers’ started to take hold! I’ve managed to keep busy for 5 days but now being hemmed in is beginning to annoy me. (The nice weather today doesn’t help). I’m not a big reader, so a good book doesn’t keep me in one place for very long, I’m afraid. I get bored too easily! (Thanks for the quiz – that’s helped! 😊) I am grateful though that we are both feeling fine and currently have no symptoms.


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