Rhinog Fawr Walk, North Wales

Most people who visit the Snowdonia National Park will head for the northern part and the mountain of Snowdon itself, but there are some fine walks towards the south, around what are known locally as the Rhinogs. This gallery covers the route from Cwm Bychan (pronounced ‘coom bukan’ btw) to the summit of Rhinog Fawr. At 720m, or 2,630ft, it’s not a big mountain, but it’s quite a tough ascent due to the very rocky paths.

17 thoughts on “Rhinog Fawr Walk, North Wales

  1. The Welsh sing ‘Land of my Fathers’ to me it’s land of my mother! Yes she was from Nth Wales and we spent so many holidays with all my aunts & uncles. Not been back much since, places change, I prefer the memories.

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      • It’s the memories Mike, everyone’s long gone now. We took our daughter over a couple of years back to show her where all my relatives lived and where I used to play. Lot’s had changed and it left me feeling down.

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        • Yes, I can imagine how things might have changed. Life was much simpler in those days (at least it was when I was young). We used to go on the train (from Hull) to see my dad’s sister, who lived in Hounslow. A day out for us was a trip to Heathrow to see the planes taking off! (Not sure why as they used to go over my aunt’s house every 30 seconds!)

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  2. As usual when I visit your site, I am amazed at the magnificent nature, so different from Malta. Lovely images Mike and guess if I wish I would ever have the opportunity to experience this absolutely stunning scenery in real life. Thank you for sharing!!

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