Benar, Llandanwg and Harlech beaches, North Wales

Who doesn’t like going to the beach? Well, here I bring you photos of not just one, but three beaches in North Wales. All of them, quite coincidentally, are only a few miles from where Jude and I have been staying for this past 2 weeks.

Firstly, Benar beach, which is very, very long and very wide when the tide is out…

Secondly, we have Llandanwg beach, which is quite small and pebbly in places. But there is a very nice café adjacent to the car park, which serves delicious scones!

Last, but not least, is Harlech beach, which is huge, (by UK standards anyway), even when the tide is in!

11 thoughts on “Benar, Llandanwg and Harlech beaches, North Wales

    • It’s a fabulous spot for sure and with so much space, you feel that you have it all to yourself (especially at this time of year). We walked down the steps at the southern end of the beach after parking on the side of the road which goes down to Llandanwg just south of the bend in the A496. Mike Hardisty pointed out that the bend is a good spot for taking sunset pictures.


  1. oh god i love a good beach!!!! We have put a bid on a property in South Devon… a campsite close to the beach… fingers crossed…. I will keep you posted… hopefully you will visit!!!!

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  2. What a wonderful place and such nice pictures on the amazing beaches! I love the soft warm colors of the sand and stones. And today you are not living far away from these beaches, lovely!! The only thing I wonder is if it gets warm enough in the water to go for a swim😄😅

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    • It definitely does get warm enough to swim. My wife and I both went in for a swim before Christmas. (I think it was in October if my memory is correct), but my wife went in just 2 weeks ago – twice in a week! She’s bought some neoprene gloves and sock/shoes which keep at least her hands and feet warm. Brrrrr…. Not for me though!

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