Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, Saint-Avold, Moselle, France

On our way to the coast to catch the ferry to the UK, Jude and I pulled off the motorway to take a look at the American war cemetery and memorial at Saint-Avold. It’s a moving sight to see 10,489 headstones laid out so neatly, row after row after row. There are also another 444 names of those ‘missing in action’ etched onto 2 large tablets either side of the main memorial. We owe every single one of them a huge debt.

“Those interred at the Lorraine American Cemetery died mostly in the autumn of 1944 during the Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine as the Americans sought to expel the Germans from fortress city of Metz and advance on the Siegfried Line during the latter stages of world War II. They were mainly part of the U.S. Third and Seventh Armies.

In the late 1940s many bodies from the Saint Avold region were repatriated to the US or concentrated at Lorraine.”


It’s difficult to reflect the size of the cemetery in a few photos, so I’ve added a video at the end (muted because there was a lot of wind noise).

8 thoughts on “Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, Saint-Avold, Moselle, France

    • It certainly took my breath away when I rounded that huge monument and saw all those gravestones. It was quite a emotional experience as there were only the gardeners (who were having a bit of an open day near the entrance displaying their various lawn mowers of all shapes and sizes) and 2 other people, who soon disappeared, wandering around, so my wife and I were completely alone with all those headstones.

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