Mont Rouge and Thyon Ridge walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

The forecast promised bright sunshine, so yesterday I set off to do one of my favourite walks along the Thyon ridge to Mont Rouge. However, there were still a few wisps of cloud hanging over some of the mountain tops, so I decided to do the route in reverse, hoping the clouds would lift completely – which eventually they did.

From Thyon, the path climbs gradually along the east side of the ridge to two small ponds (or gouilles) before climbing up to Mont Rouge (at 2,490m or 8,136ft). From there the return follows the top of the ridge all the way back to Thyon.

As well as the picture gallery, I’ve included a 360 degree panorama video from the top of Mont Rouge – starting and finishing with the ridge. If you turn up the volume and listen carefully, you may be able to hear the sound of distant cowbells. 😊

I also noticed 3 red blobs on the back of one of the butterflies. (See pic 13). If anyone knows what these might be, please let me know. I’ve seen one or two on other butterflies recently and I’m guessing they must be eggs, but laid by who knows what and why there?

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