A Dozen Butterflies

Last Thursday I went for one of my usual walks up the road behind our chalet. Almost all of the fields in our valley have been cut now, so the butterflies are having to find their nectar in the flowers which grow by the sides of the road. There’s also a huge trench to the side of our road, which was created to catch any falling rocks. The wild flowers have re-grown and it has proved to be a fabulous place to capture some photographs.

I missed a few, including some sort of Clouded Yellow and a ‘large orange one’, which flew away as I approached, but I was pleased to get sufficient images from above and below (where needed) to identify these 12. As an indication of how many butterflies are still around (and how lucky I am) all of these pictures were taken in just 1 hour and 12 minutes.

22 thoughts on “A Dozen Butterflies

    • Yes, the wings are almost transparent! And again, yes, we have a fair few butterflies over here. My book on Swiss butterflies tells me there are 216 species (which I think includes 14 of those little red and black Zygaenidae. I also counted almost 40 ‘blues’, which I think compares to only about 4 or 5 in the UK? The abundance and variety of alpine flowers helps of course!


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