Swiss Trip to the North (part 3)

For the second half of our holiday, we drove over to Schaffhausen, primarily to see the Rhine Falls – but more of them later…

On the way we stopped off at a small village called Kaiserstuhl, which sits on the Swiss side of the Rhine and border with Germany. So we took great delight in walking over the bridge into a different country. Indeed, although we had planned to stay wholly in Switzerland during our trip, we were encouraged by not being challenged at gunpoint on the border (in fact we saw nobody), so we decided to take the direct route to Schaffhausen from there. This involved going into or, rather, through Germany not once, but twice. (Such is the weird shape of the border in that area, that there is even a small German enclave completely inside Switzerland, called Büsingen am Hochrhein). Maybe it was because we crossed the borders at lunchtime, but we didn’t get stopped once.

Having checked in to our hotel, we again went for a wander around the town. I can certainly recommend a visit and I hope my pictures do justice to both of the locations we visited.

Interesting footnote: Although Switzerland was not directly involved in the 2nd World War, Schaffhausen and the building in the last photo in particular, was bombed on 1st April 1944. This was apparently due to a navigational error, caused by bad weather conditions. Wiki says that it was mistaken for Ludwigshafen am Rhein, as it sits on the north side of the Rhine. Four million dollars were paid in restitution and, the writing on the front indicates that, the building was rebuilt in 1945.

4 thoughts on “Swiss Trip to the North (part 3)

  1. Hi both. Really enjoying these photos Mike. Very jealous you have had a trip!!Without wanting to rock the boat, but normally I can see the photos on the email,but I can’t now. I have to go to your site. I have put a screen set below. Just thought I’d tell you there was a change. Last time this resulted in angst for you. Hope it doesn’t this time.Hope you are both ok. Seeing Ian and Janice on weds, for the first time since lockdown. Take care.Jan xSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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    • Hi Jan, Yes, I (& Sarah) noticed that the other day. I think WordPress have changed things – and possibly for the better, but let me know what you think. E.g. I was worried that the emails that followers receive may be too big or long, with 30 to 40 photos listed beneath. Also I think the gallery view, with the black background, sets the images off much better. On the downside, there is no ‘teaser’ text to encourage people to click on the link. But, if I use the “Read more” feature, which allows me to do that, the gallery doesn’t appear on my website like now. So it’s a bit of a dilemma.


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