Swiss Trip to the North (part 2)

As mentioned in my post yesterday, the main reason for our trip to Basel was to see the Edward Hopper Exhibition at the Beyeler Museum. Due to the COVID virus, we had to book a time slot, but there still seemed to be too many people for our liking in each room. Thankfully, after pausing for a few minutes, the crowds dispersed and indeed, the other exhibits seemed to be almost free of people. In case you are wondering, masks were recommended, but not compulsory.

Sadly, we were not allowed to take photos of some of Hopper’s more famous works, so the images below are my personal favourites from the rest of the exhibits.

Afterwards we took the tram back to the city centre and any trip to Basel would not be complete without a look at, or around, the magnificent Rathaus. As you will see, I was again amused by some of the ‘face’ detailing.

As an added bonus, since any static image of the Tinguely Fountain could never do it justice, I’ve included a video of it at the bottom of the page. The Fountain was created in 1977 by Jean Tinguely where the stage of the old city theatre once stood. The Swiss artist has created 10 mechanical figures which are in constant motion, mimicking the artists, actors and dancers who once performed on the theatre stage. Enjoy!

Tinguely Fountain video:

Tinguely Fountain, Basel

2 thoughts on “Swiss Trip to the North (part 2)

    • Yes, that’s the nice clean Swiss water for you… (and no rubbish floating on the top!) I didn’t have time (with so many photos to sort through) to identify the damsel and dragonflies. (I do have a book now so I really have no excuse). They were in a small pond in the grounds of the Museum. I was pleased with the way the dragonfly came out, but I was already stepping over the ropes to get to them, so I thought better of going any closer.

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