Sasseneire (3,253m or 10,673ft), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

Oh boy, have I got a surprise for you! Though you will have to tell me whether it is a nice surprise or not. Please read on…

The sun was shining brightly yesterday and the temperatures warm, (like mid 20’s C or 70’s F), so it was an ideal day to take a walk up to the top of Sasseneire. It’s a tough walk, especially from our chalet, of over 21km (13 miles) and with an ascent of around 1,900m (or 6,300 ft).

With this in mind, I again wasn’t chasing down too many butterflies, but they and the flowers do come in handy when you need to get your breath back during the climb.

It was during the ascent that I had the idea of doing a 360 degree video from the top, as the still images can never really do it justice. Logically the video fits in between the ascent and descent, so below you have a gallery of images covering the ascent, the video and then a gallery of the descent. (Plus it seems WordPress must have a limit on the number of photos).

I’d be very interested in your feedback as to whether you find the video worthwhile or not.

My apologies too, I didn’t have time to name all of the many butterflies and flowers, so they are simply left for you to enjoy. 😊

The ascent:

And the descent:

12 thoughts on “Sasseneire (3,253m or 10,673ft), Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

  1. Epic hike Mike! A big day indeed! I would have been tempted to take the bus upto Villa to save a few hundred meters of elevation so you have stronger legs and knees than I have! Video was a good addition! Duncan



    • Thanks Duncan. It was a great day. I wasn’t sure whether I’d make the top, but felt good at the Col so went for it – possibly the first time in 2 or 3 years. Nobody else there of course otherwise the video might still have been in the can. 😊


  2. Looks a lovely walk from your doorstep. Great pics and liked the video but could you include a pointer to pick out which ‘peak’ is which mountain?

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    • Hi Steve. I tried to hesitate over the relevant mountain (in the middle of the screen), but it’s not easy to ‘point’ while holding the camera steady with both hands! (Plus of course, there are so many to mention, it’s tricky. I may have even missed mentioning the Matterhorn. Doh!)


  3. Absolutely fabulous captures, Mike, and I thoroughly, truly enjoyed the video. I felt like I was on top of the world! So pretty, and pretty amazing you know all the mountains. This August we are scheduled to be camping about an hour from Glacier National Park in Montana, where I will be seeing some of our amazing U.S. mountain scenes from overlooks. Not as grand as yours though! The park is on our bucket list and I cannot wait!

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