Pic d’Artsinol Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

Yesterday I set off from home to walk to the top of the Pic d’Artsinol (@2,998m or 9,836ft). After my experience on Monday, I was hopeful that I’d be able to reach the top, since there are some wide open meadows and the final ridge to the summit faces south. However, as you will see from photo no. 16, I had to turn around at 2,580m (8,465ft), as there was too much snow.

Nevertheless it was a great walk and I spotted a new plant for me in the Alpine Butterwort (pic 9) which my Alpine Flora book tells me is “not common” and is carnivorous. “Insects become glued to the glandular leaf surface and digested by the plant”. And at the very end of my walk I spotted a mating pair of, what I believe to be, Osiris Blues which, if correct, is another first!

7 thoughts on “Pic d’Artsinol Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • Thank you Anita. We are indeed blessed with a lot of flowers and hence butterflies too. I was only thinking today that the farmers around here are very good to the wildlife as they don’t usually do their first cut of the grass until sometime in June. This allows the birds to nest (as many are often on the ground) and the butterflies to enjoy the nectar. 😊


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