Tsalet d’Eison Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

When our road was closed on Sunday, I created a Plan B, just in case I couldn’t get out to do my walk on Monday. That was to take the cross path from our chalet to Eison, then climb around 500m (or 1,600ft) to the Tsalet d’Eison. From there I’d take the track towards L’A Vieille and then the path back down through the woods to Evolène. My only doubt was how much snow there might still be on the north facing slope.

With the weather set fair on Thursday, this was my chosen route. However, as you will see from pictures 25 and 26 there was quite a lot of snow on the return path. So rather than risk soggy wet feet, a slip or, worse still, an avalanche, I returned the same way that I came. Though it worked out pretty well, as the bright sunshine had brought out many more butterflies for me to photograph. 😊

My apologies for so many images, but I hope it gives you a flavour for the abundance and diversity of the flora and fauna I’m privileged to see on these walks (even if I can’t identify them all!)

7 thoughts on “Tsalet d’Eison Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • Thanks Brian. I was a little puzzled at first by no. 3, but there are quite a few around here. I’m surprised there’s not a more common name for them (maybe there is in French). I am gradually ‘learning’ how to get the best out of my new camera. I’ve only recently discovered 2 or 3 new features. One is a display setting that shows you when the camera is level and pointing straight ahead. (It’s a bit like how I imagine flying a plane might be. It goes green at the edges when it’s level and there’s a line showing you if you are pointing too low or too high). I’m not sure how useful it is but it’s ‘new’!

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