Lac d’Arbey to Les Haudères Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

The snowline is gradually getting a little higher in the Val d’Hérens, so yesterday I decided to walk up to Lac d’Arbey. From there I took the cross path to Farquèses, before descending to Les Haudères and returning to Evolène along the riverside track.

There was very little snow on the ascent, (just one small patch in a shaded hollow) but, on the cross path, I had to pick my way carefully over the remains of an avalanche. (See pic 11). From then on though all the paths were clear and the views over the valley to the mountains were superb.

There were very few butterflies around, but I did manage to capture a couple, one of which, if my Northern Wall Brown identification is correct, is a first. 😊 I also managed to zoom in on a Spotted Nutcracker. (See pic 17). Given the distance between us, I didn’t think the photo would come out very well, (especially as it was towards the sun), but it seems to be OK.

8 thoughts on “Lac d’Arbey to Les Haudères Walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

  1. Mike, your photos are delightful. Thanks so much for sharing the majesty of the Alps with us. I looked at each photo with appreciation. Great to see all the wildlife popping out in the spring, espec. the salamander. The heights you have here are truly astounding. Enjoyed seeing the overviews of the villages, the chalets, incredible landscapes — and thrilled to see the yaks. The paths are narrow, the hike is vigorous, and the avalanche on the path looks really tricky. Many thanks for taking us along.

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