Walk to Béplan from Evolène, Val d’Hérens

The weather in the Val d’Hérens has been incredibly warm and sunny for the past week or more. So, on Thursday, I decided to head a little further up into the mountains, to see if I could reach a small lake (more like a pond) at an area called Béplan. When I plotted the route on the Swiss online mapping app*, I noticed that there was an alternative way via Lè Lachiores, which would allow me to do a more circular route.

As I climbed higher and higher, I soon realised that I might struggle to get there, especially when I saw the remnants of an avalanche. (See pics 10-12). There was also a distinct lack of butterflies, flowers and birds. So I was quite surprised to spot a Ring Ousel and, not one, but two marmots. And then at the highest point of around 2,500m (8,200ft) there were several Pasque flowers, (see pic 16), which are the first I’ve seen this year.

After picking my way carefully up the slopes between the snow, I finally came to halt around 400m short of where I wanted to be. So there was nothing else to do but take in the magnificent views and then descend, again zig-zagging my way through the various patches of snow.

(*Note that this SwitzerlandMobility application is available to anyone, to view official Hiking, Cycling and even Skating and Canoeing routes in Switzerland, though you need a subscription to plot routes and download them to GPS or print the maps. See Route example at the end of the gallery).

4 thoughts on “Walk to Béplan from Evolène, Val d’Hérens

  1. Hallo Mike, Happy Birthday and many happy returns. The Oberland odyssey pictures were amazing and the flower photos beautiful. Thanks for posting them. I only wish I could see it all in person ! Have a nice day! Love from Angela and Lawrence.


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    • Thank you. Jude said you’d enjoyed the Oberland pictures. It was certainly an experience. Though not one I’m too worried about repeating (as I prefer to go at my own speed (and stop to take photos whenever I want) and not be ‘tied’ (literally) to others. It’s hard to remember it’s August when you are surrounded by all that snow. I have a few more ‘archive’ posts lined up, like the Dents du Midi (a trip I did with Sarah many years ago), at least one of my ‘Transalp’ bike rides, the Tour des Muverans with Pete and the English Coast to Coast with the boys. So I’m not short of things to do during the lockdown. I hope you are both keeping well and staying safe. Love, Mike


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