Spring has sprung around Evolène, Val d’Hérens

To stay sane and active during the virus outbreak, I’ve taken to wandering around the back of our chalet and it’s certainly very noticeable how the flowers are starting to emerge and more butterflies are on the wing. I spotted both an Orange-tip and a Camberwell Beauty, but both were too quick for me to get a picture. However, a Comma and (I think) a Green-veined White, were more obliging . I was also amazed to see a Gentian out at this time of the year.

If a gallery of photos does not appear below, or anyway, please click on the Title to view this post and click on any image to view full size. (I’m using the new WP Editor for the first time, so anything can happen!)

9 thoughts on “Spring has sprung around Evolène, Val d’Hérens

    • If, by huts, you mean those wooden buildings seen from below in pic 8 and above in the Panorama, then they are old hay barns, in which they used to store the newly mown grass, etc. from the fields around ready for the winter. (They typically do two cuts per year, one in the summer and one in the autumn). They’re positioned near and dotted around the grassy fields, but these days they are not used, since the farmers have hay gathering carts to transport it all to their farms. More and more of them are being renovated into weekend ‘homes’. The one on the left in picture 8 is a great example. If you look closely at the panorama on the left, you can see some orange mesh, which is blocking off access to another which is being done up. Many others are just left abandoned.


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    • Yes, though I didn’t know what it was until I looked it up. There are some similar ones, which are also white and ‘veined’, but I think that identification is correct. There is a Mountain Green-veined White, but my book suggests the borders of the veins on those are much darker. I wish though I had captured the Camberwell Beauty, it certainly lives up to its name. 😊

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